The 3 Second Rule is a unique team of the Worlds leading PUAs, Master Pickup Artists, Dating Coaches, Seduction Trainers and Coaching Professionals who came together to help YOU....

IMPROVE YOUR 'GAME' in Meeting, Attracting and Connecting with Beautiful Women.

The 3 Second Rule, is also one of the core fundamental rules of the Game! (as taught by Mystery to Style in Neil Strauss’ book “The Game”). And the worlds best @3SR, have over 30 years of 'live infield' experience delivering PUA Training, to help guys just like you, SMASH your barriers and rapidly improve your Pickup, Dating, Seduction and Social skills. Learn Live, how to 'Cold Approach', 'Get Any Woman Anywhere' or simply Find the Love of your life.
Whatever your Goals - we Take the Pain Out of 'The Game'

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